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State & Politics - State Parliament


With the State diets, the predecessors of today's State Parliament, the Vorarlberg State Parliament has a parliamentary history stretching back over  hundreds of years. The practice of sending representatives elected by the people to executive and legislative organs dates back to the start of the 14th century.

In December 1995 the State Parliament in its present-day form celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its  restoration by free elections after the Second World War. There were many important and influential personalities in its history. The deputies of the State Parliament have always worked hard and with great commitment for the population and for parliamentary democracy in our region. 

Although the parliamentary activity has remained the same in its core, the political circumstances – not least of all due to the accession of Austria to the European Union – have change fundamentally: the manifold and often extremely complex interactions and new legal constructions arising between the legislative and executive bodies have confronted the State Parliament with new challenges. Through the integration of the State Parliaments in the legal system of the EU these tasks demand a new self-confidence; it is necessary to take the initiative and play and shaping role.

Going forward, legislation must increasingly focus on international developments and respond accordingly. The State Parliament must be able to react quickly and flexibly and shape legislation to directly meet the needs of the people. Values which only recently were generally applicable are increasingly being subject to critical questioning and may demand a new or adjusted assessment.  


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