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The State of Vorarlberg on the Internet



State & Politics - State Parliament


The Vorarlberg State Parliament (State Parliament) is elected for a term of five years and is made up of 36 members. The State Parliament elected on 21 September 2014 was constituted in Bregenz on 15 October 2014. Its main function is legislation. It elects the State Government, establishes the preliminary State budget as well as the duty roster for the public servants.

The State Parliament elects from its members the president and two vice presidents. In conjunction with the chairpersons of the parliamentary clubs they form the extended presidium which advises the president in his decisions. At the start of a legislation period the State Parliament also elects the members of the federal council and, every six years, the public prosecutor and the director of the Provincial Audit Office. The State Parliament has an important control function over the State administration. The State Government answers to the State Parliament and submits a report on its activities every year. The office of the State Parliament is the Directorate of the State Parliament.


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