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The State of Vorarlberg on the Internet



State & Politics - State administration


The Vorarlberg State administration– a versatile and efficient partner to the people

The general administration of the State of Vorarlberg employs around 1,600 persons. Another 2,400 work in the State hospitals. Vorarlberg's administration is small and has proved to be very thrifty. In accordance with the principles of modern administration management it is managed as a service provider.
The State administration does more than just execute State law. It also implements federal law and fulfils a wide range of tasks of the State and federal governments in the form of private enterprise administration. The work of the State administration thus ranges, for example, from the granting of commercial licences to the granting of social welfare benefits, vehicle registration, planning permission, landscape and environmental protection matters and promotion of agriculture right up to the restoration of old buildings.
The State administration makes every effort to be a partner to the citizen. Even in cases where decisions are made which restrict the activities of the citizen in the interests of the common good, the relationship between the State authorities and the persons concerned should always be of a correct and positive nature.


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