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State & Politics

Article 59 - Appointment and responsibilities of an Ombudsman

Article 59

Appointment and responsibilities of an Ombudsman


   (1) The State Parliament appoints an Ombudsman to advise citizens and to investigate their complaints. The Ombudsman acts independently in the exercise of his office.
   (2) Anyone may obtain information about matters concerning the administration of the State from the Ombudsman and put forward suggestions concerning the legislation and administration of the State.
   (3) Anyone may lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman against alleged maladministration by the State, provided that they are affected by such maladministration and in so far as they do not or no longer have recourse to legal remedy. All such complaints must be investigated by the Ombudsman. The complainant shall be informed of the outcome of the investigation.
   (4) The Ombudsman is ex officio entitled to investigate suspected maladministration by the State.
   (5) The Ombudsman forwards the suggestions presented to him, and any complaints which fall outside his responsibility to investigate, to the bodies concerned. The Ombudsman may add an opinion on these statements.
   (6) The Ombudsman reports annually to the State Parliament on his activities.


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