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State & Politics

Article 58 - Consultation of the people on administrative matters

Article 58

Consultation of the people on administrative matters


   (1) The opinion of Citizens of the State and former citizens of the State entitled to vote on administrative issues may be ascertained by a consultation of the people.
   (2) Such a consultation shall be carried out if it is
a) demanded by at least 5000 eligible voters or
b) demanded by at least ten municipalities on the basis of municipal council decisions or
c) decided by the State Parliament or
d) decided by the State Government
   (3) Acts of the administration which concern specific individuals cannot be the subject of a consultation.
   (4) The conduct of a consultation may be limited to a part of the territory of the State, if the matter exclusively or predominantly affects the interests of the population of that part of the territory. The area in which the consultation shall take place is established by the State Government. 
   (5) The procedure will be further detailed by law.


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