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State & Politics

Article 56 - State Budget

Article 56

State Budget

   (1) The State Government is responsible for the administration of the State’s assets.
   (2) It must submit to the State Parliament annually an estimate of budgetary revenue and expenditure for the following administrative year.
   (3) The budget estimate adopted by the State Parliament forms the basis for the conduct of the financial affairs of the State.
   (4) If the budget estimate is not adopted before the start of the next administrative year, and the State Parliament has not adopted an interim budget estimate, the financial management of the State is based on the budget estimate adopted for the previous administrative year, with monthly expenditure not allowed to exceed one-twelfth of the expenditure under that estimate.
   (5) The State Parliament may authorise the State Government to effect expenditure which is not provided for in the budget estimate or which exceeds it, within the limits decided by the State Parliament. All expenditure additional to this authorisation requires the prior approval of a supplementary budget estimate by the State Parliament.
   (6) In the event that the budget estimate contains revenue from, or expenditure on, the State Parliament’s material resources, the State Parliament is entitled to dispose of these, unless it has authorised another State Parliament body to do so.
   (7) The State Parliament decides which important measures of the State Government relating to the administration of State assets require the approval of the State Parliament.
   (8) Of the share rights in the Vorarlberger Illwerke Aktiengesellschaft and the Vorarlberger Kraftwerke Aktiengesellschaft, at least 51% must be in direct or indirect State ownership.
   (9) The State Government is further obliged to bring the final accounts from the previous administrative year to the attention of the State Parliament.


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