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State & Politics

Article 38 - Republication of State laws

Article 38

Republication of State laws


   (1) The State Government is empowered to republish in the State Law Gazette by decree with binding effect laws and constitutional acts which have been amended by subsequent acts. The republished provisions shall be brought to the attention of the State Parliament without delay. 
   (2) In the event of republication the State Government may
a) replace an out-dated expression, particularly the title of authorities which no longer apply, with the corresponding new terms,
b) replace a foreign expression with domestic legal terminology,
c) declare no longer valid any provisions which have been repealed by subsequent provisions or which have otherwise become obsolete,
d) rectify references to other laws which no longer correspond with current legislation, as well as other inconsistencies,
e) insert alterations or additions to the law concerned which do not result from amendments of the original law but from specific laws.
f) or insertion and rectify appropriately any references thereto
g) give the law a short title,
h) summarize transitional provisions and older versions of provisions still applicable indicating their scope of application and publish them separately together with the republication.


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