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State & Politics

Article 35 - Referendum

Article 35



   (1) A referendum on a law, or part of a law, which has not been declared urgent may be requested within eight weeks of its adoption by:
a) the signatures of at least 10 000 eligible voters, or
b) at least ten municipalities on the basis of muni cipal council decisions, or
c) the signatures of a majority of members of the State Parliament, or
d) a decision of the State Parliament.
   (2) Acts which amend the constitution by renouncing the status of Vorarlberg as an autonomous State, by reducing its territory, by revoking the fair and direct right to vote for the State Parliament, or by abolishing the rights of voting citizens and the municipalities to submit petitions or to request consultations and referendums, are subject in all cases to a referendum.
   (3) A referendum shall be decided by a simple majority of votes cast. The result of a referendum shall be officially announced by the State Government.
   (4) If a referendum is requested before an act is published, publication is suspended until the referendum has taken place.
   (5) The publication of acts based on a referendum shall include reference to the result of that referendum.
   (6) The State Parliament may call a referendum in the whole State, or parts thereof, over the incorporation of specific principles into a law that is to be adopted, or over other questions of importance. 
   (7) The procedure shall be further detailed by law.


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