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State & Politics

Article 30 - Exercise of mandate by public officials

Article 30

Exercise of mandate by public officials


   (1) A public official who seeks a seat in the State Parliament shall be granted the time necessary for the canvassing of votes.
   (2) A public official who becomes a member of the State Parliament shall, at his request, and in order to fulfil his duties as a member, be permitted to work part time or be granted leave of absence. In the case of part time work, pay shall correspond to the amount of work actually performed by the official in his capacity as a public official, but shall not exceed 75 per cent of total pay; this limit applies also in cases where neither part time work nor leave of absence is requested. Leave of absence entails the cessation of all service-related payments.
   (3) If the fulfilment of his duties as a member make it impossible for a public official to continue in his existing post, he is entitled to be assigned to a reasonably equivalent activity. The pay shall be determined by the activity actually performed by the official.
   (4) If it proves to be impossible, for specific reasons, for public officials who are members of the State Parliament to continue in employment, they are by derogation from paragraph 3 to be granted leave of absence; the staff regulations shall indicate those reasons.
   (5) In the event of differences of opinion between the employing authority and the public official over the reasonableness or equivalence of the assigned activity, or over the conditions relating to part time working or leave of absence, the staff regulations must allow for the President to be consulted.


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