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State & Politics

Article 7 - Objectives and principles of State action

Article 7

Objectives and principles of State action


   (1) The State has the task of safeguarding both the free development of the character of the individual and the form of community life according to the principles of subsidiarity and the solidarity of all groups of society. Self-administration, self-help and voluntary activities by the citizens of the State are to be encouraged. 
   (2) Every action of the State must respect human dignity, equality before the law, proportionality of the means employed, and the principles of loyalty and faith. 
   (3) The State affirms the duty of society to support the elderly and the disabled and to ensure the equality of their living standards.
   (4) The State upholds the protection of life and respect for human dignity of those who are dying. The State assists to those who provide care to people who are in the last phase of life.
   (5) The State recognizes the importance of Sundays and public holidays as days of rest.
   (6) The State will enact regulations, and supports the taking of measures for the protection of the environment, particularly the protection of nature, the countryside and the architectural heritage, as well as protection of the air, soil and water.
   (7) The State declares its support for climate protection. For this purpose, the State promotes measures to increase energy efficiency as well as the sustained use of renewable energy, while opposing the operation of atomic plants.
   (8) All State authorities are obliged to act lawfully, cost-effectively, economically and appropriately.  


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